Our Royalty

Her Majesty Queen Kimberly and
His Majesty King Greg


COMATOSE hard at play creating their next mobile masterpiece...


2003 BreweDoo (The 1st event of the 2004 season)

Comatose Wins 1st Place!

BRAHMA created this incredible COMA SUTRA INDIA PALE ALE.
VISHNU preserved it for this 3rd annual KdV BREWEDOO
SHIVE, the Destroyer will be attempting to get you to wreck your car and you as you drive home tonight after ingesting the mystical duo of brewes from the KREWE OF COMATOSE!

Tonight you experience India and the Hindu way as never before. Your THIRD EYE will be opened, your sexual pathways cleared, and a tidal wave of sensuality will ensue.

The BOMBAY BERRY RED ALE is designed to alter reality.
Sitar music, incense, and a look through our MAGIC EYEGLASSES will be push
into this pure state of harmony.

You are then ready for the COMA SUTRA EXPERIENCE.
Sip this aphrodisiac and feel your YONI or your LINGAM tingle with excitement.
Reach into the LOTUS BLOSSOM to then discover your sexual fortune as foretold
by Ganesha, first born son of Shiva.


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