CHARITY HOSPITAL----In a medical miracle that few thought could ever occur (and fewer still hoped would ever occur), a source at Charity Hospital revealed that the Mystic Corpse of Comatose has been revived. Teams of cracked physicians worked for years to resuscitate the beast.

As it arose shakily from the operating room table, something that experts tentatively identified as music began to emanate from Comatose's lips. Shock gave way to horror as the tune was identified: the reborn Krewe's new theme song,"Once, Twice, Three Times a Mayor"!

Yes, Comatose returned to Krewe du Vieux life with the theme of "2002: A Mayor'sOdyssey", and a mission to alert the people of New Orleans to hizzoner's plans for a third term. Cryogenic experts, voodoo priestesses, Vulcan mind-melders, and a motley assortment of mesmerists are being employed by Marc Morial's troops, who hope to convenience the public that only "A Son Of A Dutchman" can govern them.

The Mayor's minions also plan a "MMM Good" advertising blitz and perpetual plastic surgeries to maintain his youthful appearance {Michael Jackson, look out!}.

Having lain Comatose for so long, the Krewe awoke with what passes for a burst of energy. A "Flying Dutch, Man" ship was constructed to convey the Krewe to the far reaches of the land to spread the word. Special $3.00 bills were printed up, and skilled corporate headhunters were enlisted to help Mayor Marc get a real job. They could only hope their efforts would come in time to save the beleaguered city.

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