RITE-AID CEMETERY - New Orleans has survived floods,plagues, politicians, prohibitions, fanatical religous conservatives, and even (so far) casino gambling. But now, a new threat, perhaps the most fearful ever, menaces the city: the walking corpses of laid-off former K&B workers, the living purple dead.

In an attempt to lay the maroon marauders to rest, the Mystick Corpse of Comatose will carry the tomb of Katz and Besthoff on its parade float, topped by the statue of Our Lady of K&B, crying purple tears as it makes its way along the French Quarter route. A large voodoo doll, representing the usurping Rite-Aid, will also be carried along the way, hopefully representing a final exorcism for the pitiable purple people. The Living Purple Dead will make their zombie-like stagger through the Quarter on Sat. night at 7pm. Rumors abound, but so far the only known antidotes are K&B ice cream, K&B liquor, and shopping exclusively at locally-owned stores.

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